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This is will be a World of Warcraft player, when the next expansion comes out with Pandarians!
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Cannot wait for Diablo 3! ‘Cuz this will happen!
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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Class strategies 101

Don’t forget Operation Raptor this weekend!

read more here: http://blog.bioware.com/2012/03/28/operation-raptor/

The ending of Mass Effect 3 explained.

If you are on the quest for ME 3 answers like I was, and feel that EA (ultimately the main decision-makers) screwed you. Share this.

* Spoiler Alert *

This video was patched together flawlessly to explain the ‘Theory of Indoctrination’ and how it fits into the endings.

It is THE only explanation that is now plausible- look at all the facts they present and all the hints in the ending of the game! Before you complain, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe this version of the truth… we all believe the bigger picture is flawed!

Personally, I had a rough idea along these lines when i finished the game for the first time. After I finished it with all the other endings and trawled through all the forums and widespread DISGUST of Bioware’s decisions…

I’ve also come to the conclusion that Bioware has always made beautiful games, and they hardly failed. The failure here is on EA: Their greed for profit.

Remember their announcement for the release-day DLC? and what happens if they had to make another ending(s)? and the cut-scene showing Shepard survives?

Strategically speaking (And I’m a Digital Strategist by trade) I’d squeeze every bloody penny I can possible by rolling out a long-term marketing plan that keeps audiences engaged as long as possible. What better way to do this that to release 1 or 2 key DLC’s that everyone will be forced to buy to find out more??

Enough said, watch the video, and understand the endings and the ‘Theory of Indoctrination’, keeping in mind that EA is trying to milk us for every cent… the days of making a great game and appeasing the audience for EA is over… they, like every other big corporation is doing the same.

They are indoctrinating: us

Trust me, I know. Have to make a living right?

Selling my soul, in hopes others wont sell theirs.

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